How do rentals work?

Our handy online quoting and booking process makes confirming your rental order fast and easy. You can browse popular packages, search the rental catalog, or simply get in touch ( let us know what you’re looking for to get started. Please include dates so we may check equipment availability.

Can I send my friend/family to pick up or return equipment?

Sure! Whatever makes things easy for you. We’re happy to work with a proxy. Please note, you (the renter) are still responsible for the care and keeping of equipment during the rental period.

What are your rental rates?

We list pricing on most equipment in our rental catalog for easy reference. We’re also happy to put together a quote on any collection of gear you’re interested in. If you don’t see a particular item, just give us a shout! (

Equipment rentals are priced at One Day, Two Day, or Three Day/Weekly rates. Monthly is also available for many items. A One Day period is roughly 24 hours, with pick up between 10:00am-12:00pm and return the following weekday.

WEEKEND RENTALS DEAL: Gear goes out on Friday and returns Monday at a One Day rate.

What are my payment options?

We can accept credit cards on amounts under $500 with no fee. Checks to our secure mailing address (PO Box 5801 Vancouver, WA 98668) are preferred for balances exceeding $500. If you strongly prefer to use a credit card on larger amounts, we can accommodate with a 3% processing fee. We prefer not to pass that along when possible.

What are your hours?

The standard window for rental pick up and return is 10:00am-12:00pm on weekdays. This allows our staff to focus on equipment prep during the rest of the day, or run out to assist with deliveries or live event crews. However, please let us know if you need to work out a special time for your rental pick up/return, and we'll do our best to accommodate it.

What's your address?

12200 NE 60th Way #102B Vancouver, WA 98682 (map). Our shop is located in the Orchards area of Vancouver, close to where SR-500 and Fourth Plain meet.

Will Call has its own door at 102B.

Can I fit this in my car?

In most cases, yes! Our most popular gear rentals fit easily in the average size vehicle with the trunk and backseat available. For reference, a 7’ tripod projection screen can fit in a small SUV or crossover with the seats down and the end of the screen resting between the front seats.

Two Powered Speakers w/ Mic package in the back of a Toyota Rav4

Two Powered Speakers w/ Mic package in the back of a Toyota Rav4


What if I'm not tech savvy? / Will I be able to set up the equipment?

We do everything we can to create an easy and enjoyable rental experience. Our equipment packages are specifically designed to be DIY-friendly for first time users. We’ll go over the equipment with you and how it goes together upon pick up. Additionally, some of our popular rental packages come with a quick start guide to help jog your memory when setting up. If you run into any trouble later on, you can always reach out to with questions and we can usually respond quickly.

Can you deliver/ pick up?

You bet, we can provide as much support as you like. Delivery rates are figured by zip code, factoring mileage and travel time. We can quote delivery, set up, strike/pick up to suit your needs. In some cases, it may be more economical to have a technician stay and operate for your event rather than leave and come back. HYBRID OPTION: Often, folks will have us bring out equipment and set up for peace of mind, then bring it back will call return it the following day. We’re happy to pencil it out for your situation and advise on the cost.

Can you donate equipment/services for my good cause?

501(c) non-profits in Clark County: Please check out our Amplify Community lending program where non-profits in our community can borrow a small sound system on a will call basis, free of charge. We are inclusive and supportive of various causes benefitting our friends and neighbors. As part of our process, we reserve the right to vet beneficiary organizations, and refuse association with those promoting or participating in violence or discrimination.