Get to Know Wager Audio

Our Company

Wager Audio Services was established by Brad Wager in 2011, after several years in the industry operating as a freelance sound professional.


We are owner-operated, well known for expertise in audio production and will exceed your expectations when it comes to service. With Wager Audio on the gig, rest assured it will be the most professional and enjoyable experience possible. Our clients know we truly love to execute “the perfect show.”


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Our Commitment

We are proud to first engage the services of other socially-responsible, local companies whenever possible; such as banking with a credit union and using a nearby union and FSC Certified printer for all our printing needs.

We purchase renewable energy credits through the Clark Public Green Lights program.

Inspired by the B-Corp model, we dedicate a portion of our proceeds our for use as donation and sponsorship funds to other organizations and events that are working to enrich the community in Clark County.

Wager Audio is a proud supporting sponsor of our community talk show, Hello Vancouver! with Temple Lentz

Our Philosophy

We strongly believe that cultural celebrations, performing arts and entertainment enriches our community. We know that by using our business to effect positive activities, we become a valued community partner where we live, work and play.

Hello Vancouver! live variety show

wager audio sponsor of hello vancouver
wager audio sponsor of hello vancouver