Get to Know Wager Audio

Our Story

Wager Audio Services was established by Brad Wager in 2011, after several years in the industry operating as a freelance sound professional.


What We Do

Event Production

We provide live sound production for local and national organizations, non-profits, municipalities, bands, and folks of all stripes.


Pro-Audio Equipment Rental & Sales

Need to rent a few speakers and a wireless mic? We've got you covered. We offer will call pick up or delivery/set up on most of our equipment. ddWe'v


Looking to buy? As a dealer of nearly 200 professional audio brands, we can get you a great deal on the gear you're after. The real advantage to buying from a small, local business like us is the support that comes with it. Because we use the brands we sell, you can demo many items like digital mixers in person to decide what's right for you. A digital mixer purchase comes with four hours of 1:1 consultation to get you comfortable and happy with your set up.


Would you like to work with us?

What Matters to Us

First off, we love our community in Clark County and are very proud to be located here. We want to be where our friends and neighbors are, working to make Southwest Washington a great place to live, work, and play.


We live our personal values within our business by first engaging the services of other socially-responsible, local companies whenever possible; such as banking with a credit union, and using a locally owned screenprinter for our crew apparel and print shop for our signage needs.

We purchase renewable energy credits through the Clark Public Green Lights program.


Our Amplify! Community program for non-profits helps make basic sound support more available for others doing great work in our community.


Wager Audio is a proud supporting sponsor of our community talk show, Hello Vancouver! with Temple Lentz
wager audio sponsor of hello vancouver